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Pronunciation is the way or word spoken,it very important for us specially in rendering speech in front of many peoples we should pronounce very well all the word clearly so that the listeners will understand the message you want them to know.While intonation is the accuracy of pitching for example;playing of music instruments the pattern or melody of pitch changes in connected speech,especially the pitch pattern of a sentence.Articulation is the act of manner of uttering a speech sounds,specially a consonant.This unit is about teaching special groups of English learners, including individual, groups of children, and business people. I am more interested on teaching children have gained a lot of ideas on the ways to teach them English. Although there may have some discipline issues that have to be awarded, some students who are too shy to answer questions or play games. Teachers should also pay attention to these students and try to invite them for participation, maybe the teacher could help her while playing games.