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This unit covered different ways of teaching a class, as well as their historical roots. Since I hate the \"classical\" system of education with a passion, I feel it is refreshing to think about giving classes in a way that actually teaches people something. The ESA provides a simple but (I think) effective framework to do so. I think I am more capable of structuring a class than I was before this unit. To summarize, I think I learned an alternative to \"the classical way\" to teach a lesson.I will definitely not say the name of the student before I ask a question to them so that it will keep all of the other students on their toes. I've never thought about the importance of the teacher's continuous interaction and eye contact while writing on the board and the many methods to avoid it altogether. I think it is very important to recognize that it is the behavior of the student that is a problem and not the student themselves. It helps to keep personal feelings out of that matter.