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In this unit I have learnt between authentic and created classroom materials, the importance of each, and which audience they would be best targeted at. I have also learnt how I could apply both of these in a boomerang style ESA lesson. I have learnt many examples of created materials to adapt to work better with my students and how I am able to reuse them to work best for the classroom. I have also learnt how beneficial authentic materials can be for students to practice with.In this unit we just covered the four types of past tense. I think the way the unit was set up was perfect by using the same formate as what was used in the unit on present tense. I struggled a little on the unit of present tense but with this unit it all just clicked in place and even helped clarify that unit. The intro to this unit should be highlighted more or maybe even put in the present tense unit because it makes the connection on how everything builds off each other.