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This unit was the last part in the list of units but nevertheless it was important. This unit covered the topic troubleshooting. It gave hints to use during the first lesson with for a new teacher, Warmers, using native language, differences in levels and large sized class was discussed carefully. How to deal with the reluctant students as well as suggestions to deal with the difficulties during listening to texts were clarified in the conclusion part too. Greatly structured program. Helpful. ThanksThis chapter talks about the past tense which is used to describe or indicates an action that began in the past. The various past tense include; past simple, past continuous, past perfect and the past perfect continuous tense.It is also seen here that the past tense is the most difficult aspect in learning a language. Therefore, it is very important for teachers to teach their students these tenses so that it will enable them know how to construct sentences and also help them in their everyday life.