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There are many different ways in which a trainer can make the learning experience more interesting and memorable for learners. One technique is to use teaching aids. These are things used in the classroom to aid teaching and training. They fall into two main categories: visual aids such as overheads; and interactive tools such as a video programme or resource pack. It is good to bear in mind that too much material and too many different themes can serve to confuse the class. It is best to stick to a few techniques and, perhaps, follow one theme, example or case study.As mentioned in the introduction, having been absent from a classroom for some time, I too haven't considered grammar from this perspective for many years. Readdressing the foundations has benefited my knowledge base and further added to understanding the difficulties of learning English as a foreign language. By returning to the basics of sentence structure, I realise the importance of breaking down each section for students in a logical manner. This will limit the potential to feel overwhelmed and therefore allow students to build upon the foundations of learning.