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This unit was very helpful for reviewing many of the various course aides available to the teacher, and when they would be appropriate to be used. Authentic materials are not best suited for beginners. Created materials may be used a wide variety of levels and can be used to supplement course books, and course books are handy for provided a tried and true syllabus, especially for newer teachers. Media can also be used, and the teacher must have the knowledge to use the equipment and be mindful of the length of the media one wants to present.This selection introduced to me the different types of tests: Placement, Diagnostics, Progress, Practice and external. It explains that Placement grades the student's level of knowledge so they can be placed in the proper classroom. Diagnostics exams tests what the student knows and doesn't know (the the purpose of the course). Progress tests the student fairly regularly and should balance reading, writing, speaking and listening. Practice tests prepare for the external exam. And the external exam is the Cambridge Assessment or the TOEFL exam.