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The second unit in Business English course \"Teaching and Learning\" helped me to get an overview of how teaching can be done for different groups in various ways, the difficulties faced by the teachers and how teachers can overcome them. It also helped me to know how learning can be made easier for different levels of students, advantages and disadvantages of teaching adults and teaching in groups and individuals. I have also learnt how to enhance L-S-R-W skills and pronunciation in students using various activities and a quick over view of teaching methods.The most common problems teachers face are first lessons, mixed level groups, large groups, the use of native languages in class, reluctant students and comprehension difficulties when doing listening activities. Each problem should be faced differently and there are normally various ways to do this. Surely, it is necessary for teachers to predict problems, when possible (first lessons) and it is always a good idea for teachers to pay a lot of attention to class dynamics in order to promptly identify any existing problems. Having experience definitely helps.