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This Unit introduces different TEFL methodologies; specifically focusing on the ESA method (Engage, Study, Activate). Elicitation is important because it provokes thought in the students and allows the teacher to assess their knowledge level. The unit gives several examples for each aspect of ESA. When using the ESA method, it is important to vary the sequence in which 'Engage, Study, Activate' is used; so long as the lesson begins with 'Engage' and ends with 'Activate'.This unit is about the Figures of Speech that explains the functions, types, basic rules and description of their role or part on how they are used in a sentence. This unit made me understand the basic rules in constructing a sentence, broaden my vocabulary in terms of providing words as example and pointed out my weakness in explaining the unit to a class as suggested by the Task sheet. I know now that I have to work hard on this unit for me to be able to teach a class.