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This unit listed different ways to assess students' English level in different stage. The assessment should not be done only at the beginning of the course to see the current English level of new students, but also should be done throughout the course regularly, so as to see the progress of the learning. However, in my opinion, teachers should use assessment methods other than tests, as this may cause students having pressure on learning a new language. Teachers could hold games or competition to check the English level, which is more interesting and less stressful for the students.This unit introduces first-time teachers of first-lessons what they can expect to encounter with new groups and/or existing groups. The unit explains the importance of establishing a rapport with the students through thoughtful exploration of student needs, their skills level and the display of a sincere interest in their success vis-a-vis activities designed to inform both parties. The unit provides the teacher with solutions to challenges in dealing with situations as such as large classrooms, reluctant participants, use of native language, etc. Great stuff for a beginner teacher.