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The last Unit mentioned some of the most common problem situations of an EFL teacher. Frst of all we read about the ?First lessons.? It is difficult because we do not know the students, so we have to establish rapport, we have to get to know them, find out their needs and their level of English. We got useful tips such as: questionnaire, pass the ball game, needs analysis. It is important to start the lessons with ?warmers?, like hangman, tongue twisters, memory games etc. Another problem if the students within the group have different levels of English. We can solve it in different ways. I liked the ?same material ? different tasks? and ?pair stronger students with weaker ones? the most. We talked about not to use the native language of the students earlier, but here we read about this again. It is normal that there will be some reluctant students and that the majority of the students will have problem with listening. But the material helped me a lot to solve them.