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R.S. – U.S.A. said:
I've learnt that accuracy is before fluency in the stages of lesson, as it is important for a student to understand the vocabulary use of language before being able to use it creatively. Controlled activities are accuracy based activities such as drilling, and by getting the whole to say it at the same time makes any individual mistakes unnoticeable to the rest of the class but also ensures a greater student talk time. Creative communication are fluency based activities and the scenario is set out buy the teacher, such as a debate. Its important to be able to try and predict what issues the students may have with the lesson and also make sure they are capable of completing the activities. It's very important with speaking lessons to provide feedback to the class and individual students, remembering to focus on positives. Depending on the students native language they may need extra help on writing English letters, using punctuation or even layout of written texts. English is not a phonetic language and the students should be made aware that a single sound may be written in a number of ways.