TESOL Shaoxing

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G.B. - U.K. said:
This unit focused on methods and techniques of teaching. It also talked about things you should do and should not do. For example, the time for correcting a student is during the study stage of the process, not the engage or activate stage as it would only impede the student. Thats not to say no corrections should be made at all during these stages, but that they must be made minimally. Also, when making corrections you have to be very delicate towards the student. If you are too harsh or too blunt then it will effect the student's motivation. Above all you must be encouraging, give them a chance to correct themselves if need be, but not humiliate them either by lingering on them too long. This unit also provided a large amount of examples of how you can interact with and teach a class. For example, within the engage stage of the ESA you can use games like Fizz-buzz or partner introductions and interviews to engage the students in the class. In the study stage you can use drilling techniques or games like hangman, which encourage the students to spell in this new language. Finally, in the activate stage, where students should be encouraged to talk freely and creatively, you can use things like role-play and story-building to get them to use the language they know and have learned.