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S.A. - Mexico said:
Unit 18 is the last unit to deal with grammar points, and it deals with phrasal verbs, relative clauses, passive voice and modal auxiliary verbs. As regards modal auxiliary verbs, they are divided accoring to the maning they want to convey and they can be classified as: for obligation, for possibility or probability, forpermissio or prohibition, for ability or for advice. The unit provides a chart with the meaning of the different modal verbs, and their usage, as well as some teaching ideas. As regards passive voice, it explains its usage and how to form the passive voice, as well as some examples, teaching ideas and common erors/mistakes teachers should be aware of. As regards relative clauses, it defines both types: defining and non defining and states the difference between them, and which relative pronouns to use with each type. As regards phrasal verbs, this unit provides a definition of the three types of phrasal verbs, which are: intransitive, transitive separable, and transitive inseparable. Phrasal verbs consists of a verbs and one or more particles. Particles can be prepositions or adverbs.