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G.C. - South Korea said:
In this unit of the two productive skills I have learned that there is a difference between accuracy and fluency. Accuracy is practiced more during the study stage of the lesson and focus' more on the students correct use and form of the lesson. Fluency is when the students can speak without the need to stop and think, in this stage the teacher is not to interfere and correct. The main focus is that the students can be free and creative during this stage, the teacher can take note of errors of individuals and of the class in general. If the teacher makes note that their is a student that makes a consistent error, it is important to address the matter, but it is better to not draw the student out in front of the class but to speak with the student one on one, and give practice and study that can be done at home. If it is a constant error among the class, it is better to wait to correct the issue once the teacher has had time to prepare a more specific lesson to solve the issue. In this lesson I have also learned that there are a number of reasons that can effect the involvement of students during an activity, they are: the culture of the students, the topic is not of interest to the student, lack of confidence of the student, fear to make mistakes and the intimidation of fellow peers.