Classroom Management for Teaching English as a Foreign Language - Giving Individual Attention


Our next main issue is going to be that of giving students individual attention. Here many classroom management and leaving potential discipline problems can be avoided by applying some simple rules to giving your students attention. The first one is to think about the way in which you ask questions. Don't ask questions in a predictable order. If you just go around the class asking questions from one person to the next then the person at the end of the class will know that it's going to be some time before you actually get to them. So try to mix up the way in which you're asking questions. In terms of answers to questions don't allow individual students to dominate all of the answers. One of the things that we can do to help this particular issue is to use the students names as mentioned before but remember, put those names at the end of the question. One of the things we need to do as the teacher is try to keep and note in our mind of who has actually answered various questions, so that we can be as inclusive as possible. However, one point that we should put on the end of this is that we try to include everyone to give us answers when they can but if they can't then don't force students to answer. This is particularly important in countries where actually giving a wrong answer could cause that person to lose face so don't force your students to answer it if they're not sure.

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This unit was about conditional if/then statements, which change form based on how certain the conditional is and what tense it is in. The unit was also about reported speech, which requires altering the pronoun and verb to fit the tense and accurately reflect who is speaking or acting.After going over this unit i understand how to dissect a sentence and word for word explain what type of words are being used and why. This is very important as its not just important for me to understand it but for me to be able to explain and show people to get them to understand too.This unit covered criteria when selecting vocabulary to teach, what a student needs to know about the vocabulary, what a student needs to know about grammatical structures and lessons to teach. We learned what is appropriate for each component of each phase, engage , study and activate.