Overview of All English Tenses - Present Tenses - Present Perfect Continuous - Guessing Game


Now here's a teaching idea for the present perfect continuous tense. If you remember we use this tense to talk about actions that had been continuing up until the present moment or very recently. In this activity, you'll be giving a student a card. That card will include the past activity as well as some results. This card says 'You've been driving in the rain on your motorbike. You're all wet and your clothes are too.' The results are 'you're all wet and your clothes are too.' You'll present that information to the rest of the class and, therefore, it's up to the class to guess the action that was occurring up until the certain point in time. What will happen in this activity is, the student at the front of the room will express the present results 'clothes being wet; I'm all wet.' The students in the group then will form their questions obviously in the present perfect continuous tense, such as 'Have you been swimming?' 'Have you been playing golf in the rain?' The student at the front of the room will form his answers in the similar tense: 'No, I haven't been' or 'Yes, I have been.' If there are troubles guessing the activity, the teacher can perhaps prompt the student in the front of the room to use a mine and they will obviously mime, in this case, the driving of the motorbike. Eventually, the idea will be to guess that activity that again had been happening up until the certain point.

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This unit was very helpful as it included examples of activities to practice in each level of the engage-study-activate theory. I plan on using several of them in my own classroom as they are beneficial to motivate students to enjoy the class as well as to better understand the material.In this Unit I've learnt about Theories,methods and techniques.I've got a lot of new games for students and know how to interest the students now. I've learnt a lot of methodologies as well and I belive in the future it will help me a lot.I will follow the ESA methodologie all the time.The unit made me understand that grammar is important, it also made me realise that when you know your grammar you can easily understand the English language and speak it proper. Grammar is very interesting, knowing how to form a sentence and how to use proper words its very educational.