Modals and Passive Voice - Passive Voice Usages


There are certain instances where we tend to use the passive voice instead of the active voice. This is true when the agent is unknown or unimportant. We also use the passive voice to change focus or to conceal the agent. Find out more about this topic in this video.

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Gerunds are not parts of grammar I was familiar with. Therefore, it helped reading about those as well as the different types of adjectives. Yes, I knew about larger and largest but never thought of them as comparative or superlative. This lesson definitely helped with this.I got insight from unit 1.When I learned about teachers' roles, I want to add how to deal the student's mistakes in appropriate way by regarding the student's emotions.Another thing is that I came to know the names of the teacher's roles and the range of the student's levels.This unit discussed white boards OHP's and different kinds of equipment and visual aids a teacher might have at there disposal and effective ways to use them in the classroom. I was also given a useful list of online resources from CALL to aid the teacher and students in class.