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C.A. – U.S. said:
This unit discussed ways in which you can use and form a lesson plan. It discussed the significance of using one early on in your teaching career, before you become experienced at teaching a class. It also discussed the importance of not heavily relying on a lesson plan. It can be used for such things as a record for future use, a rough idea of how you want the lesson to proceed, what you want to achieve with the students and for them to have achieved by the end of the lesson. Lesson plans can also act as checklists for materials and preparations. It can contain rough timing ideas and ideas for activities. This unit heavily talked about how a teacher should not be strict with their lesson plans and should not rely on it. It should not be treated as a script, but a changing idea of your lesson. You must be flexible when teaching a lesson. This unit also mentioned the importance of monitoring your lessons so that you can build from and improve your lessons. Lesson plans are tools for a teacher and can be used in a number of ways and for a number of reasons.