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In this unit, I've learned the different types of test given to students depending on different situations and those are as follows: Placement Test, Progress Test, Diagnostic Test, Practice Test, and External Test. Placement Test is the first kind of test given to a student. It aims to put students to the appropriate class based on their language ability. There is a similar test to this one and that is called Diagnostic Test. It is the same to the former test in a way that it is also given at the beginning but what makes it different from it is that it aims to show how much a students knows about the subject matter. On the other hand, Progress and Practice Tests are both given during the time of learning the language. Progress Test is given to know how much a student have learned while Practice Test is given to prepare a student for an external exam. Lastly, External Test is given for more specific purposes such as work promotion, university acceptance, moving into English speaking countries, etc.