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As a high school student way back, I have not been very good in creative writing. Then when I was in college, blogs became popular. I read lots of it and eventually found myself writing some too. My blogs never got an audience for it to be critiqued by ‘expert’ writers though. My concern is I might have a tough time if I were to teach creative writing. There would be no problem with spelling, layout, and punctuation but content-wise, that is what I am not very confident to teach. As per teaching the speaking skill, sometimes it is difficult to make my high school Japanese students talk in class. I would like to add one more reason why they don’t want to speak is because they are tired from the long day in their school. I work part-time in a conversation school and our classes are always at night time especially with high school students. There are some who are still active and energetic despite the time but sometimes you will just encounter the opposite.