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Unite ten is base on the Engage,Study,and Activate demonstration video, which shows the effectiveness of a teacher ,teaching the same lesson twice, to a group of students. Lesson one is not effective because, the teacher never use the correct approach of the ESA method,that is: the Engage,Study and Activate,while in lesson two ,the lesson is effective because, the teacher used the ESA method correctly to teach the students. In unite ten, i have learned how to make my class effective by using the methods of ESA correctly ,not forgetting of my attitude towards the students.As a matter of fact, talking about future is more complicated than the other times because in this time we can use present simple and continuous as well for future meaning. This unit provides good information by categorizing them and explaining the usage of each tense which clarifies the meaning, and we can distinguish them easily. The effective and helpful section about this unit I believe is the usage part because it gave me more information rather the ones I knew, for example I didn't know about the usage of simple present for future purpose,like suggesting more formal situation.