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Unit 6 provided a breakdown of the forms of the past tense. It went over past perfect, past simple, past perfect continuous, and past continuous. I understand more clearly now, the different ways we can discuss past actions in English. I don't think the information itself here is useful to students, but the teacher must understand how to construct sentences of every past tense form. The activities and typical student errors were, once again, very helpful. I know what to look out for with my learners, and have more ideas to work on these tenses.I appreciate the suggestion of using course books for teachers unfamiliar with language items students are expected to know at different levels. Creating tests is an area outside of my expertise, and a concept I am not too comfortable dealing with. Even if I am somewhat involved in correcting tests and giving speaking tests to my students, at my work place, the teachers of English create all of the written and speaking tests. Unfortunately, I must agree that the manner of conversation tests is a test of memory rather than fluency and knowledge.