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Unit 15 goes over testing and evaluating in the classroom, and the proper tests for the proper occasions. It allowed me to understand the different stages of testing and properly coordinate them, from placement and diagnostic, to progress and practice. It also taught me the list of tests and exams that exist around the world and cater to different people and different situations, from being specifically in Britain, to specific age groups. This unit will allow me to properly evaluate my classroom and reach the right balance between testing, tutorials and student, self-evaluation.This unit made me realize how much I take for granted intonation and pronunciation in the English language. As a native speaker, I don't how much the realize that the way something is said can matters. In fact, sometimes it is the only thing that matters in a conversation. Whether someone answers a question with excitement in their voice or with dread speaks more volumes than the actual answer they are giving. I think it's really important to include phonetics into the English teaching curriculum as it will help students really to converse with and understand English speakers.