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This has been a learning units. I had not heard of some of the methods before the community language learning and the communicative language teaching. I have used others before like Grammar Translation and The silent Way out of my own initiative as teacher but i didn't what they are names were. The most surprising thing is the distinction between an error and a mistake. I used to think they are the same thing and sometimes using the two words interchangeably. This is indeed a worth course to learn.In this unit, I learned about different teaching styles and different teaching methods. Some of the methods seemed better than others. For example, I do not think the Silent Way is a good way to teach language. While I agree the teacher should not talk too much, the teacher needs to talk some in order to explain concepts and give feedback, etc. I think that a mixture of the different methods is probably best. I enjoyed learning about the Engage Study Activate method. I think that will be very useful.