Conditionals and Reported Speech - The First Conditional


The first conditional is used for likely results of possible future situations, as well as promises, threats, warnings or back-up plans. This video is specifically aimed at teaching the first conditional in an ESL setting.

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In this unit we learned about how to teach a new language. The unit focused on vocabulary, grammar, and functions. I enjoy lessons like this because I feel everything I learn is new. I like having these things explained so that I have a reference on how to structure my lessons.In this module I have learned about the different types of classes and the specific ways in which to teach them. I am aware of the needs of both young learners and those who are studying business english and how to teach them, with regards to the method and style of each lesson.In this unit i saw a bad and a good example for a TEFL lesson. It was great to see in these two videos that how big can be the difference in the outcome of the lesson if a teacher has a good attitude, is well prepared for the lesson and implements the ESA method in a correct way