TESOL Jobs in Andorra

General Information

Almost lost between Spain and France the tiny principality of Andorra boasts the best skiing in the Pyrenees. It’s also a tax-free haven, so a great place to stock up on gifts and duty free. The principal language is Catalan, with Spanish a close second. In addition to which French is widely spoken, and you can expect people to speak English in the main tourist areas.

At a little over 400 square kilometers, Andorra is home to only a handful of language institutes. Definitely worth looking into though if you are in the business of seeking to combine some great skiing with some TESOL teaching.

Popular Destinations

Andora La Vella is Andorra’s principal city. The main industry is tax free shopping, which caters to bargain hunters crossing from Spain to France and vice versa.


Anyone wishing to teach in a state or private school must expect to have a degree, a Post-Graduate Certificate in Education and a TESOL qualification. As with most teaching opportunities in Andorra, two-years’ language teaching experience is usually a requisite.

With language institutes you can expect to find yourself teaching those involved in tax free shopping, but also high school students seeking to supplement their studies at schools. Enthusiasm for English amongst the general population is not as high as it is in Germany or Holland for example.

In the main, you will find yourself teaching either students who have many years of experience in English, or hardly any at all. Hence, expect everything from beginner to intermediate, upper intermediate and advanced students.

Getting a Job

The principal language institute in Andorra is Centre Andorrà de Llengües (CALL), which prefers British or American teachers. Outside of this there is a market for privates, and the usual strategy of placing cards, small ads, etc. on the notice boards of colleges, tobacconists, and books stores may yield dividends.

Visas and Regulations

Since Andorra is seeking to harmonize itself with the rest of Europe’s reciprocal work permit arrangements, the situation is evolving. The best thing anyone can do is check with the Andorran consulate in your native country.

Most individuals working for institutes are self-employed, or working on a freelance basis. Therefore, they are responsible for paying their own tax and social security. New arrivals are required to register with the police, organize a bank account into which their wages will be paid, and get a tax number from their local tax office.

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