Anyone vs Any One - English Grammar - Teaching Tips


In this video Linda breaks down the difference between ?anyone? and ?any one?. While this set of words is often confused, the difference is actually quite simple. Watch the video for detailed explanations and examples on the two words.

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I had given rather little thought to writing skills as a part of the process but I realize that they are integral in the language learning journey. I will give this further consideration as I prepare to teach English abroad. I will examine my own understanding of the written word.I have learn how to become a better teacher, how to control my classes and how to make my students become good students and speaker of english language.I have also learn how to motivate them and encourage them not only to be good english speakers but also good and modest students.This unit taught me a great deal of teaching tools. The different roles can effectively and appropriately be changed to enhance the teachers effectiveness. To ensure a great learning environment and to build trust. all these attributes can accomplish distinguish in the classroom .